Press relaese | Hark/sion and microflor merge to become: labeau, next generation breeders 

De Lier, February 29, 2024 – Microflor and Hark/Sion are joining forces and will from now on continue under the name Labeau. This strategic merger marks an exciting new phase for both companies as they jointly strive to strengthen their position as leading players in the global breeding, propagation & young plant industry.

Synergy and shared vision for the future
The merger of Hark/Sion and Microflor is driven by a shared vision and complementary strengths. “This collaboration makes us the second largest breeder and propagator of Phalaenopsis, strengthening our market position.” Says Febe Floré, co-CEO of Labeau. The families behind both companies, the Hark-Borrmann family and the Floré family, not only share a long history in the sector, but also a strong corporate culture and vision for the future. “This synergy allows us to achieve our international ideas for the future together and to complement each other in crucial areas, leading to mutual growth and professionalization’’, emphasizes Anja Hark-Borrmann, co-CEO of Labeau.

Boundless opportunities for employees and customers
For customers and employees, this merger is a seamless transition to a more robust and dynamic company. The company will be led by a 2-member female board, whereby the different locations are retained and work closely together to utilize each other’s strengths.
The visiting address will be De Lier in the Netherlands – formerly Sion’s production location – where a new showroom will open in the near future. The production site in Lochristi in Belgium – formerly Microflor – will be retained as the production site for Phalaenopsis, Helleborus and Gloxinia.  As a result, employees worldwide – at 7 production locations – will have extensive opportunities for growth and development.

Labeau, next generation breeders
We are proud to present Labeau as our new corporate identity. Labeau embodies the beauty and quality of our plants, with a subtle reference to the laboratory where the breeding of our Phalaenopsis begins. Our powerful payoff, “next generation breeders,” underscores the strength of our people and our ambition within the industry. Says Febe Floré, co-CEO of Labeau. In the coming months, all communications of the new company will be transformed to the new name and corporate identity.

About Microflor and Hark/Sion
For over 30 years, Microflor has been breeding, propagating and acclimating Phalaenopsis, Gloxinia and Helleborus. Microflor is headquartered in Belgium, with an additional laboratory in Slovakia, employing a total of 300 people.
Hark/Sion was created from an amalgamation of Hark Orchideen, originally from Germany, and Sion Young Plants, originally a Dutch company. In 1904, Hark began propagating plants and is the founder of orchids in vitro production. Sion Young Plants has been in the business of cultivating and distributing Phalaenopsis for 35 years. Hark/Sion has several locations worldwide and employs 700 people.

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