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Every day our team of breeders lovingly and enthusiastically create new and special Phalaenopsis varieties. Besides Labeau’s own varieties, we also present varieties from other leading and inspired breeders such as: Brighten Orchid, CJ Orchids, Clone, Hark/Bremkens, Piko Breeding, Roenbaek and Ter Laak Orchids. In short, a unique and complete range: from excellent standard varieties to special colours and specials. For each grower in every market segment.

‘The future of the orchid is in the hands of breeders’

Meet the Breeder:


“Before I became a director at Clone in 2004, I worked at Taisuco, where I was involved in production and breeding. After I started at Clone, I discovered that this company had its own varieties. I started the breeding programme at Clone to make it more competitive in the market.

Our first target market was the Japanese market, where people are mostly keen on large flowered varieties with white, pink and white red lip colours. We then decided to concentrate on other markets. We developed other varieties and colours for these markets by studying their needs and wishes. My years of experience with different markets and growers gave me a good idea of what types and colours were needed. I also understood what the requirements were, for example the speed of propagation, productivity, plant shape and shelf life. We take all this into account in our breeding work. Then, as we combine all the good characteristics, it gets easier and faster for us to create the right new variety.

Our cooperation with Sion is the perfect way for us to gather market information and to gauge the needs. We use this feedback in our breeding programme. Only good varieties can help us create and increase production efficiency. Orchids’ future competitiveness lies in breeding, which is the best way to engage in this market and also to get feedback on the useful information about market needs so that we can adjust the future range.

Good varieties help to create and increase production efficiency. The future of the orchid business lies in the hands of breeders. That’s why we must keep on surprising and innovating”, says Tony Hsu.

The secret behind successful breeding
is seeing things differently

The next step in breeding

Most distinctive and beautiful varieties

Every day our team of breeders lovingly and enthusiastically create new and special Phalaenopsis varieties. It all starts in our nursery, where a selection of the strongest and most distinctive mother plants are housed. With years of experience, knowledge of plants and a good dose of imagination, we make the most beautiful crossings with these plants every year. Each new variety has to meet a significant amount of selection criteria. We look at shelf life, growth quality and distinctiveness in the market.

Thanks to the latest techniques and strict selection criteria, only the most distinctive and beautiful varieties remain. What’s more, together with our customers, we extensively test each new variety in practice. The result after proximately 8 years after the first crossing: the most special and distinctive Phalaenopsis varieties.

This is how we keep on surprising the market and the consumer!

Breeding in pictures

Stektray met orchidee

Breeding Accel

Faster time-to-market

Labeau is active within Breeding Accel: a cooperation between breeding companies KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding, Fresh Forward and Labeau.


Breeding Accel is an innovative knowledge platform in which the companies combine their knowledge and research capacity. The aim is to shorten the time-to-market of plant reproduction materials and to jointly invest in the latest breeding techniques and share knowledge. Our goal is better quality plant reproduction materials and a faster turnaround time of the breeding cycle.

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