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Labeau innovates,
connects and inspires

Continuously innovating Phalaensopis, that is our mission!

Breeding & propagation

Your success as a grower depends above all on the quality and versatility of your assortment. For this, you can rely on our plant varieties with strong market potential. Phalaenopsis, Helleborus or Gloxinia, which give you the highest returns thanks to their growth performance and exceptional properties.

How do we deliver on our promise? Innovation is our engine, research and years of expertise our fuel. The Labeau breeding team works with the most advanced breeding techniques in our own high-tech labs and greenhouses.

Testing, assessing and testing again until we have the variety with the desired characteristics. A data-driven process with a detailed product sheet of each variety at the end. Only the genetics with the highest yield survive the rock-hard selection. That’s maximum growth. Not only in the lab or the greenhouse, but also on your market.

What does that mean for you as a grower? Certainty. The guarantee of a wide range of highly productive varieties, high quality and a smile for your customers.

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